By 索菲娅杨

庆祝国际妇女节, I wanted to share my thoughts on being a female data scientist in the tech sphere. I have been in tech for four years, and I am currently a Senior Data Scientist at Anaconda. 今年国际妇女节的主题是 # BreakTheBias, I am excited to stand against 性别 bias, discrimination, and stereotyping in tech. 我在分享我的经历, hoping they will resonate with and provide perspective for other women looking to grow in their careers. 根据 内装式, 66% of women [in tech] report that there is no clear path forward for them in their current roles. Additionally, 39% of women view 性别 bias as a primary reason for not being promoted. While many companies make a conscious effort to help women break into technical roles and bridge the 性别 gap, 天博app下载应该做的还有很多.

1. 找到榜样

Especially in male-dominated fields, having female role models is extremely important. 研究表明, 榜样激励女性更有抱负,目标更高 在他们的领域. Ask yourself: is there someone on your team or someone you know who you look up to, 欣赏, 想要学习, 更像是? I have several female role models who I met through work and conferences. 我观察他们如何工作、沟通和领导. I attend speaking sessions they are a part of, and I am motivated by their passion for what they do. A role model should be someone you aspire to be like and who can offer advice for your career.

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a role model or mentor, especially if you’re early in your career. 一个好的开始方式就是通过 网络 at in-person and virtual events and getting to know people who have roles and traits you 欣赏. 如果你是学生, career centers and professors can often help connect you with recent graduates as a starting place to meet professional role models. 从我作为一名科技女性的经验来看, it is beneficial to have someone as a confidant who can help you navigate salary conversations, 工作表现, 偏见, 和更多的.

2. 与人联系

Finding mentors and growing in your tech career begins with connecting with others. 我喜欢参加会议, 不仅仅是为了了解别人在做什么, 还有网络. 作为一个使用Python的数据科学家, 我喜欢参加本地数据科学或Python聚会, PyData会议, 和SciPy会议. 也有专门为女性举办的会议, 比如Grace Hopper Celebration和Women in Data Science (WiDS). Networking groups for women provide a safe space to be vulnerable and open about your 经验s and challenges. Research indicates that women benefit even more from 网络 by developing a small circle of 与他们信任的女人保持密切联系.

与组织内的人联系也是有帮助的. 我建议和你部门以外的人谈谈, 了解他们的日常生活, 看看哪里可以补充它们, 了解你想从职业中得到什么. I have many data scientist friends who pivoted to become software engineers or product managers, 例如. If you don’t find passion in your current role, your friends in another department can help.

3. 构建的影响

We all know that good communication in the workplace is essential for influencing others. 然而, this can be particularly challenging if you face bias from team members or if, 像我这样的, 你认为自己是个内向的人.

我天生就有内向的倾向. 然而,我也倾向于超级友好、体贴和随和. 而这些都是积极的特质, 有时候他们让我很难开口说话, 被听到, 和影响他人. I’ve learned that I’m not alone and that many women struggle with being heard and influencing decisions. I’ve also learned that if I want to share something or influence projects, I need to 做我自己 以对我和股东有利的方式做事.

为了提高我的对外沟通能力,我开始写作. When I find it hard to convey thoughts out loud, writing is my best friend. 写得好的文档帮助我沟通和解释我的工作, 让别人看到大局, 并激励其他团队参与我的项目. This has not only helped me influence others and gain buy-in from stakeholders, 但它提高了我的领导能力, 太.

4. 知道你的价值(即使他们不知道)

作为建立影响力的后续, it’s also important to amplify your strengths and never sell yourself short. 我的优点, 例如, make me a good mediator and allow me to be patient and truly listen to my colleagues.

除了了解自己的优势, it’s crucial to own your accomplishments to help propel you forward in your career. Don’t be afraid to apply for that dream job or ask for the raise you deserve! 其中一部分是了解自己的价值. Be sure you’re doing the research to understand what salary you should be making based on your role and location. Glassdoor网站, 事实上, and open conversations with others in the industry will help you understand what you should be asking for.

我与许多科技界的女性交谈过,体验起来很容易 冒名顶替者综合症尤其是在男性主导的团队中. I often feel 冒名顶替者综合症 when I don’t know an answer to something, 会不由自主地质疑自己或觉得自己不够格. 然而, as the saying goes: “the more you know, the more you don’t know.“虽然现在不知道一些事情可能会让人不舒服, 从那次经历中学习和成长是一件美好的事情. 所以如果你觉得被恐吓或被低估了, 重要的是要有远见,善待自己. 如果你不合格,你就不会在现在的位置上. 如果你的环境让你觉得不合适, it may mean it’s time to move on and find a place where you are valued for your strengths and skillset.

5. 找到一个健康的工作环境

Life is 太 short not to work at a place where you feel like you belong. 危险信号包括每天的偏见对抗, 工资上的性别差距, and few female leadership positions—especially if the organization does not recognize these gaps or do anything to change. Everyone needs to advocate for fairness in the workplace; the onus of closing the 性别 gap should not fall to women alone.

寻找具有DE的组织是至关重要的&我(多样性, 股本, 和包容)团队或委员会, 以及确保思维多样性的过程, 性别, 经验, 和背景. While the organization may not have a perfect distribution of diversity, it’s critical that they keep a pulse on relevant initiatives and have goals and practices for diverse hiring, 促进多元化的人才, 和减少偏见. One of the reasons I love Anaconda is that we have a very healthy and supportive environment for everyone. 天博app下载的德&I team puts practices in place to hold us accountable and ensure psychological safety and support for team members from diverse backgrounds. 因为这些举措, 我觉得天博app下载很关心我个人, 是什么帮助我在职业生涯中成长, 做一个更好的导师, 利用我的力量. If you would like to work at a place where you are valued and supported, 我鼓励你们看看天博app下载的 职业页面天博app下载正在招聘!

作为科技界的一名女性, 我从女同事那里学到了很多, and I hope that you find my 经验 helpful as you grow in your career. 让我知道你的想法 微博对我!; I’d love to hear your feedback and learn about your 经验, 太.

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